I Split Rocks...

Hi, I’m Jannes and I come from a beautiful, small town in North Germany with something huge in its backyard:
UNESCO World Heritage- The Wadden Sea

Jannes Eggen

...And Create Stories!

Having grown up in an environment with a rich and diverse ecosystem, I have always been in love with nature. Maybe this is why I would often be found out there exploring all its captivating details. My journey of capturing our world started with an Analog camera and then, at the age of 16, I bought my first Digital camera. Fast forward 17 years today I can clearly say that I am passionate about creating stories!

Videographer Jannes Eggen filming in algarve at sunriseJannes Eggen filming at sunrise Algarve

Not only have I worked  in an international marketing company to gain creative experience in the mediafield but I am also a certified Electromechanical Technician specified for Renewable Energy.

Since the past five years, I have been working full-time on various marketing   projects with  across the world

Joe Kelly, Christan Haape, Jannes Eggen and the  Taruk Team at  Flora Cologne

My goal is to create authentic stories that leave an impact and a message that  stays with you

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